An Interview with Mr. Blahnik!

By: Audra Logan

By popular demand, we got to know the beloved English teacher Mr. Blahnik this month! Here are some answers to student submitted questions!

How do you pick your outfits in the morning, since they are usually coordinated?

“I lay them out the night before, to make it easier in the morning. I always get up before my wife, so it would be hard to find them in the dark. I’m very much a planner.”

Do you play any instruments?

“No, although I wish I did play. However, I played the trombone for 2 weeks in 5th grade and took some piano lessons.”

If your first name wasn’t John, what would it be?

“I actually don’t like being named John, it’s a very common name. My father’s name is John. It’s too late to go by a new name, but my wife says I should go by Jack.”

How devastated were you when your Boogie Mug was destroyed?

*Laughs* “I mean I felt bad, but I got a great Mercy Day mug from my students.”

Do you have a pump up song?

“I really like Haim the band, and the songs ‘The Wire’ and ‘Days are Gone.’”

Are you good at bowling?

“Actually I’ve had a few good games and my average game is around 150. I would say that’s pretty good for someone who doesn’t bowl.”

Do you have a hobby?

“My wife and I really enjoy cooking. We subscribe to Bon Appetite and Blue Apron, which sends you boxes each month. We are pretty inventive when we cook.”

Do you have a favorite class?

“All the classes are my favorite, I can’t choose.”

Do you have a guilty pleasure?

“Um, I would say I over eat ice cream. Talenti sea salt caramel is my favorite.”

If you had to be a character in any piece of literature, who would you choose?

“I would be Lily Bart from The House of Mirth, because I love the setting of old New York. Even though things turn out bad for her she would be really interesting.”

Favorite food?

“I would have to go with a Cobb salad from Claire’s in New Haven. It comes with Parmesan dill dressing.”

When was a moment when you were happiest?

“I would have to say my wedding day was the happiest and most stressed I have ever been. I’m also happy when I am on vacation with my wife.”

What is your favorite word in Portuguese?

“Bárbaro, which is an old word for cool.”

What is your favorite part of being a teacher at Lauralton?

“The kids. I very much enjoy teaching them and I love when they enjoy what I am teaching.”



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