An Interview with Señora Hawes!

By: Audra Logan

This month we decided to dip into the language department and share a little bit about Señora Hawes!

What is your favorite part about teaching Spanish?

“Spanish is my native language so I try to give my students part of my identity. Also I can describe the culture, traditions, and I can explain the way of the Hispanic culture.”

When was a moment in your life that you felt happiest?

“When I started a family.”

Do you have any special talents?

“I like art. I like to draw and do a lot of crafts. I also like to cook, dance, and write.”

Would you consider yourself a good dancer?

“Yes, indeed.”

What was your favorite class in school?

“Literature, philosophy, and sociology”

Favorite Spanish dish?

“Sancocho, which is a soup made out of either chicken or beef. You can mix both as well. It has other types of vegetables that are from Latin American cuisine: corn and cilantro and other things.”

Favorite song?

“I always listen to Spanish music…. “Alma llanera.” It brings me memories of my country where I was born and it’s the most traditional song that the Venezuelan people have.”

Dream place to travel to?

“I would like to go to Thailand because it sounds very exotic and I find that there are similar foods and colorful culture. I’d like to discover and experience that.”

Favorite word in the Spanish language?

“Ay, Dios mio.”

What makes Lauralton special to you?

“The sense of community – you can tell that the environment is very different than other places. There is a lot of respect among the students, faculty, and staff. For me it is important to be part of empowering women for life.”

Did you want to be a teacher growing up?

“Not really, I always liked languages and I had other plans. The reason why I became a teacher is because when I started a family, it was easy to be around my children. But when I start teaching I just discovered that passion that I think I always had, but I didn’t discover until then.”

Do you think being immersed in multiple cultures is important?

“Oh yes. When you are immersed in multiple cultures you understand more about life and humans. You’re more open minded, accepting, and understanding of the way other people live.”


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