One Decision

By: Mary Clark

The way Lauralton makes a Lauralton Girl feel is something she can’t really put into words. She can try, but she will always fall short. And you won’t understand it unless you too, attended LH.

When I was thirteen, I made the brave decision to spend my high school years at Lauralton Hall. At the time, I had no clue that this would be one of the best decisions I ever made. In fact, as a freshman, I seriously considered transferring out of LH, to my public high school. I decided to stay another year, and I thank God I did, because if I had not, I would have missed out on one of the best experiences of my life.

The defining moment of my years at Lauralton was the night of my Junior Ring ceremony. I had acknowledged that this was the right environment for me to attend school, however, the sisterhood of Lauralton Hall that was exhibited that night showed me something more. Moments from that day are tucked away as moments in my life when I was truly happy. I, along with 130 friends, had officially survived our underclassmen years at LH, and we were now joined with countless women who still wear their ring, many years later. Before this night, I thought Lauralton was great, but after this night, I knew Lauralton was a very special place. When I returned home after the ceremony, the spirit of Lauralton Hall had resonated with me, and I knew I belonged. Since that moment, my happiest days have been with my best friends, celebrating milestones, from prom, to 100 Days Dinner, to our final pep rally, and everything in between and beyond.

However, what makes Lauralton special is not only the organized traditions, but also the small moments. These moments happen everywhere, at any time, and they can be the most insignificant things. Whether it’s breaking out into a random dance party at school, blasting Kanye West in your best friend’s car, painting a school in Guatemala, having a conversation with the lovely lunch ladies, bonding over a test you and all your friends struggled with, or performing a live reenactment of the nativity in religion class, every moment at this school is celebrated. There is never a dull moment.

In these final days of my time here, I only wish I felt the spirit of LH sooner. Freshman year feels like it was yesterday, and I wish those days hadn’t gone by so fast. To outsiders, I attend a beautiful school with no boys. To fellow ladies of Lauralton, I am a part of a family, where my friends include other students, teachers, coaches, and other staff and faculty. My friends are my sisters, because they are there for me to celebrate my successes, and support me through my difficult times. To the people lucky enough to meet women from Lauralton, treat them well, because they will be some of the most amazing people you meet.



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